Oil & Gas

  • October 11, 2019

Our office represents landowners throughout Texas in all aspects of any oil & gas-related transaction:


  • Oil and gas lease negotiation
    Leasing mineral interests to an oil and gas company is an important transaction with many considerations. Our office works to ensure that the lease is financially advantageous and protects the owner’s rights.
  • Mineral and royalty deeds 
    The purchase and sale of minerals and royalties is largely different than a standard real estate transaction and requires specialized knowledge of the energy field and the intricacies of drafting this type of deed. Title to mineral and royalty interests is a very complicated area of law, and our office works to ensure questions of title are resolved.
  • Pooled unit declarations
    It is common for oil and gas companies to pool individual tracts of land into a larger pooled unit. The process of pooling and the documents involved in the process can have a significant impact on the landowner’s rights and the amount of royalty received by the landowner. From the lease negotiation forward, we make sure that pooling benefits our clients, as opposed to diluting their royalty payments.
  • Division orders
    Division orders can affect the distribution of royalties under an existing lease and must be examined to ensure proper payment. Our review of division orders ensure that our clients’ payments are accurate and that the division order does not undermine the protections of the lease.
  • Seismic agreements 
    Oil and gas companies use seismic surveys to explore for oil and gas formations. These surveys can benefit landowners, if the company decides to lease and drill, but the process can damage the surface of the land. Seismic agreements need to protect and adequately compensate the owner of both the minerals and the surface. Our office works to negotiate terms that protect owners to the fullest extent possible.